specialising in user-centred design on paper, screen and within interior spaces.

Web based design (and development) projects:


Lesa Farrant website

Lesa Farrant (Ceramic Artist)

Portfolio website for Lesa Farrant – a Fleurieu Peninsula based ceramic artist who scours her local beach (Port Willunga) for a range of natural and man-made debris, from which she creates her slip-cast components. These delicate porcelain casts are then constructed to produce specimens of both the indigenous and introduced plant forms of the region. Visit Lesa's site.


McCormack Reynolds website

McCormack Reynolds (Accounting and Financial Services)

McCormack Reynolds is an Adelaide based financial services firm offering expertise across a broad range of industries and corporate sectors. studio threefiftyseven worked with them to develop a more sophisticated web experience.


SA·NT Datalink website

SA·NT DataLink

SA·NT DataLink is a collaborative effort between the Northern Territory and South Australian governments that provides high quality data linkage services to support research, policy development, service planning and evaluation. studio threefiftyseven was originally commissioned to develop the SA·NT DataLink brand, but this was soon extended to the web presence as well. Visit SA·NT dataLink.


Lewis & Lewis website

Lewis & Lewis (Psychology and Speech Pathology)

For more than twenty years Lewis & Lewis have consulted in the areas of psychology and speech pathology. Based in Melbourne, studio threefiftyseven worked with them in collaboration with Montimedia (our preferred web hosting facility).


Taylor Collison website

Taylor Collison (Share Brokers and Investment Advisers)

A number of years back studio threefiftyseven was approached by Taylor Collison to revamp their corporate identity. This involved not only a rework of their company logo, but also their printed marketing collateral, online presence and public facing interior spaces.


Since that time, they’ve not only outgrown their original office space — but their old web site as well. Although it's not fully completed, the image above shows a sneak preview of the newly updated interface.


Heidi Earnshaw Design website

Heidi Earnshaw Design

Heidi Earnshaw Design is a Toronto based studio specialising in the design and production of handcrafted, solid wood furniture, functional objects and fully fitted spaces.


Heidi approached studio threefiftyseven in search of a clean, minimalist web presence that showcased her impressive breadth of work. With minimal embellishments, we designed the site around a main portfolio page which employs AJAX functionality to display larger project images after users click on one of the many thumbnails in the categorised section grids. Visit Heidi Earnshaw Design.


Keyinvest website


Historically, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) is one of the world’s oldest fraternal lodges, with a history dating back to the 1500’s in England. It is believed the members earned their name by being workmen of odd trades, not covered by the original craftsmen’s guilds. The original purpose of these lodges was to support members of the community through trying times. IOOF South Australia was founded on these principles back in 1878 and continues with this philosophy today.
More recently however, IOOFSA has updated their brand and is now known as ‘Keyinvest’. studio threefiftyseven was commissioned to develop an online presence that reflects the revised brand attributes.


Popgun Design website

Popgun Design

Based in San Francisco, Popgun has a good relationship with studio threefiftyseven — working closely on web-based projects on a regular basis. In recent times, Popgun wanted to put more of an emphasis on the fact that they cater to the gaming industry to attract more of these types of clients. This necessitated a complete rework of their existing web site, which although designed by Popgun, was built by studio threefiftyseven.


Blackets Wines website

Blacket & Sons Wines

Paul Blacket has been growing grapes for the wine industry for many years — and figured it was about time he created his own label. This label was designed by good friends of ours ‘Typespace’, who introduced us to Paul when he needed to develop an online presence. The Blackets site acts as an online cellar door, accommodating sales to the public which Paul can now run from the comfort of his living room! Visit Blacket & Sons.


Hayes Valley business directory site

Hayes Valley shopping precinct

Working with Popgun Design in San Francisco, we assisted in the development of an online shopping directory for businesses in the Hayes Valley precinct of San Francisco.


The site utilises a custom content management facility that enables the client to bring new stores into the directory with ease, quickly adding text descriptions, photographs, Google reference maps of store locations — and even video content.


Carbon People website

Carbon People

Although this project is still in it's infancy, it aims to establish a community of like-minded building industry professionals who all share the common goal of producing environmentally sustainable architecture. The site incorporates a discussion forum, a blog and a business directory that promotes local building professionals, services and trades. Visit Carbon People.


Mr. Geh website

Mr. Geh Photography

Mr. Geh’s brief to us was simple. He wanted potential clients to be able to view his work with a minimum of fuss. By fuss he meant unnecessary or slow page loads, new or multiple browser windows opening — all the annoying things that interfere with good user experience. So we built him a single page site (or ‘full single’ as the hip kids would say).


Users just have to find the category of work they’re interested in and click on the thumbnails. Larger versions of the photographs open over the top of the existing page (without opening a new window) and each section is navigable via ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons within the image viewing pane. Visit Mr. Geh.


Peartree Marketing website

Peartree Marketing

A simple static web site was all that was required for a marketing and branding consultant that occupies the same building we do. Even so, we couldn’t resist adding a few subtle enhancements to the user experience, like smooth scrolling between links and anchors. The design is clean and corporate — and is a good fit for the client. Visit Peartree Marketing.


Stellar Homes website

Stellar Homes

After designing and building a site for Stellar Homes a number of years ago, we were recently asked to look at giving it a freshen up. We didn't end up changing the design a great deal, but brought the content more in line with the current sales direction and focus of the company. Our new layout also allows for more flexibility in the display of content.


Karidis Corporation website

Karidis Corporation

When Adelaide based property developers Karidis Corporation approached studio threefiftyseven to assist in the build of a new web presence, the need for content management functionality was quickly identified. The company lists and manages many residential, commercial and retirement properties on a constant basis, which necessitates quick and easy access to the site content and property information. Visit Karidis Corporation.


Tri-Spark website

Tri Spark digital electronic ignition

This is a business that grew from our client’s desire to find a better ignition system for his dearly beloved classic British motorcycle. Not convinced any of the products he found on the market were better than he could make himself, Steve set about doing just that. The digital electronic ignition he built purely for his own satisfaction, soon turned out to be another one for a friend. Then a couple more for friends of friends — and then word got out among the fraternity. Steve found himself spending more time making ignition systems than he was spending at his day job. It was about this time that he decided to give us a call. Visit Tri-Spark.


VuPorts website


Based in San Francisco, VuPorts buy and sell video conferencing equipment. They purchase large used lots from government auctions which are subsequently refurbished and sold back to schools and other educational institutions.


These large acquisitions necessitated an online database capable of uploading inventory information in bulk (including product images), as opposed to the more usual method of updating catalogue content on a ‘per-item’ basis.


studio threefiftyseven supplied an inventory management tool that allows the client to always display current product inventory, which runs into thousands of components — and changes often. This application was integrated into the tool suite, along with a base configuration of our content management application used for managing the public-facing areas of the site. Visit VuPorts.


Phasis Consulting website

Phasis Consulting

After seeing the site we designed and built for ‘Carbon People’ showcased on a CSS gallery site last year, we were approached by Canadian firm Phasis Consulting to design and build a web presence for their small energy consulting firm based in Calgary.

Their brief was quite open — the only design - related stipulation being that we utilise illustration in place of any photography.
Phasis had previously purchased some stock illustrations for use with their print collateral and were hoping to continue in this direction. We really liked the idea as it definitely gave the web site a distinctive look, unlike any of their existing competitors.

The site utilises our proprietary content management system (CMS) that enables content to be kept relevant and up to date. This is also quite a flexible solution, as it will allow us to integrate additional functionality slated for a later stage. Visit Phasis Consulting.