specialising in user-centred design on paper, screen and within interior spaces.

Printed design projects:


Fleurieu Living Magazine

Fleurieu Living Magazine

studio threefiftyseven has recently committed to a substantial long term project. Principals Jason and Petra now publish a high quality lifestyle magazine that showcases the picturesque coastal region in which they live. 'Fleurieu Living' is published quarterly and is available from newsagents in South Australia (or Qantas Club Lounges across the country). Visit Fleurieu Living Magazine website.


Heidi Earnshaw Design business card and promo

Heidi Earnshaw Design

In addition to the design and development of a web presence for Toronto based Heidi Earnshaw Design, studio threefiftyseven also produced selected printed promotional pieces. Depicted here are a postcard that was produced for a recent Furniture Exhibition, along with the front of Heidi’s business card.


Taylor Collison brochures and booklets

Taylor Collison print collateral

This image depicts only two examples from a comprehensive suite of brochures designed for Taylor Collison (Share Brokers and Investment Advisers) over the years.
studio threefiftyseven has been instrumental in developing the Taylor Collison brand over this time, which now encompasses many elements including stationery items, web site, display materials, print advertisements and even branded office attire.


Christopher Green Jewellers stationery

Christopher Green Jewellers

Christopher Green and his team are true craftsmen. Their exquisite hand made jewellery resides at the high end of the market. We’ve always tried to portray their work in a manner that sets them apart from their peers. For this reason we’ve opted to stay away from the predictable contoured photographs of jewellery, shot against a white backdrop (even though this would have afforded more flexibility) to try something a little more adventurous.


For his latest collection, we discovered the natural beauty of succulent plants makes a truly elegant (and organic) backdrop for the enormous sapphires and gigantic diamonds that garnish polished precious metal bands. The image above depicts not only a sample from the latest range, but the recent corporate identity revamp in situ on the reverse side of their business cards.


Corporate profile for the Karidis Corporation

Karidis Corporation

Property developer Karidis Corporation approached us about designing a new corporate profile for the organisation once we’d established a good relationship with them ‘post-website build’. After all new photography was commissioned, the 20 page document began to take form, showcasing their diverse activities and entrepreneurial finesse, set against a backdrop of past, present and future projects.


Software packaging for Smartsoft (Australia) Pty Ltd

Smartsoft (Australia) Pty Ltd

Originally we were approached to design an online presence that properly communicated what Smartsoft is all about. They’ve developed a software product aimed at allied health practitioners to manage the administrative side of their businesses for them. To convey this at a glance, our concepts included a software box displayed prominently on the home page. The client liked this idea so much, he not only went with the web site idea, but commissioned us to actually produce the new box as well!


Promotional folders for the State Government

Government of South Australia

Developed for the Department of Business, Manufacture and Trade, this glossy folder and accompanying inserts was designed to showcase the local Bioscience and Technology Precinct of the city of Adelaide for an upcoming conference. Each insert was dedicated to profiling one of the many bioscience research facilities located within the hub.


Promotional material for m.Net Corporation

m.Net Corporation

m.Net was established to explore wireless technologies and create new opportunities for developers of new mobile applications and services. Originally funded by a $9.2 million grant from the Commonwealth government to build 3G wireless networks across the city, the entity was also backed by twenty or so major stakeholders from the IT and telecommunications industries.


studio threefiftyseven designed a full suite of marketing communications materials that were used to launch the venture, with the aim of quickly establishing m.Net as the recognised leader in this field.


studio threefiftyseven self promotion

Self promotion

After purchasing an oil painting by American artist Adam Connelly depicting a pornographic act (albeit masked by the effect of intense pixellation) Jason was inspired to produce a piece of his own using a similar (digital) technique. With Christmas rapidly approaching, he decided a corporate Christmas card should be the recipient of such treatment.


Although quite subtle when viewed at close range, the card appears to be nothing more than a pleasant montage of warm shapes and colour. View it from a distance however, and a truly horrifying image becomes discernible ... Merry XXXmas.