specialising in user-centred design on paper, screen and within interior spaces.

The current line-up.

We have a small team of highly skilled creatives, technologists and external consultants that keep the wheels turning.



Jason Porter

Graphic design and visual communication


When Jason's not carefully massaging the heads of one of his cherished open reel studio recorders with isopropyl alcohol, he tries to find time to actually design stuff. By 'stuff' we're usually referring to 'FLM', or 'Fleurieu Living Magazine'. (This is Petra and Jason's latest venture that's consuming practically all of their time.)


But when he's not designing stuff (or cleaning playback heads) he can be found staring into the depths of his garage wondering whether he'll ever have the time (or money) to restore the '63 Impala Super Sport lurking behind the dusty boxes of outgrown baby clothing.


Petra de Mooy

Furniture and interior design


Since the birth of FLM, Petra isn't spending anywhere near as much time designing (or making) furniture as she once did. (She's got 'people' to do that for her now.)

However, her new role as Managing Director of the magazine has given her a new lease on life. And now that Lucy's at school, her primary focus is delivering outstanding content to the production team (Jason).




Robert Geh



When he's not scouring the webscape for t-shirts from obscure custom motorcycle shops, Mr Geh (as we prefer to call him) is an exceptionally skilled commercial photographer. He's a longtime associate of studio threefiftyseven and has had a hand in creating the imagery for many of the projects seen on these pages, namely all the home photography and front cover images for FLM.


Richard Monty

Hosting honcho


While you probably won't actually see him around the office too often, Richard is the brains behind the Geek Team, a Victorian based IT consultancy. We host all our web sites with Richard so he can continue to feed his growing habit of purchasing more chrome parts for his Bonneville. (If you're reading this Liz, it's actually Jason's Bonneville and he's just keeping it at your place!)



Company mascot


Corporate canine 'Lulu' is a relative newcomer. She's still very much a pup – and as such displays the utmost enthusiasm toward absolutely everything.
Even Petra or Jason coming through the front door is enough to trigger an 'excitement wee'.