Newsletter 08: new look, new logo

Anyone visiting our web site of late will have noticed how neglected it’s been in recent months. This is due to the fact that we’ve been hard at work building a brand spanking new one. (We’ve also taken the opportunity to revamp our identity somewhat.) With any luck we’ll be launching the new site (and new identity) within the next few months. In the meanwhile this newsletter will have to suffice in terms of keeping everybody updated with what’s been happening in the studio.

Goin’ Fishin’

goin' fishin'This might also be a good time to let everybody know that we’ll be running the business from the road during most of September (well, Thursday 4th to Saturday 27th at least).


Petra and Jason are making a quick trip to Canada to show of (nearly two year old) Lucy to family and friends, whilst catching up with a few clients and business contacts along the way.


Obviously, making a start on any large scale projects during this time may not be practical, but Jason will be contactable via email for the most part of the trip.
Now ... on to the interesting stuff:

Phasis Consulting

Website for Phasis ConsultingAfter seeing the site we designed and built for ‘Carbon People’ showcased on a CSS gallery site last year, we were approached by Canadian firm Phasis Consulting to design and build a web presence for their small energy consulting firm based in Calgary.


Their brief was quite open — the only design- related stipulation being that we utilise illustration in place of any photography.

Phasis had previously purchased some stock illustrations for use with their print collateral and were hoping to continue in this direction.

We really liked the idea as it definitely gave the web site a distinctive look, unlike any of their existing competitors.


The site utilises our proprietary content management system (CMS) that enables content to be kept relevant and up to date. This is also quite a flexible solution, as it will allow us to integrate additional functionality slated for a later stage. View the site.


Website for VuPortsWorking with our Californian friends Popgun Design, studio threefiftyseven recently completed a comprehensive online product catalogue and public facing web presence for VuPorts. This is a U.S. based company that buys and sells video conferencing equipment.


VuPorts frequently purchase large used lots from government auctions which are subsequently refurbished and sold back to schools and other educational institutions.

These large acquisitions necessitated an online database capable of uploading inventory information in bulk (including product images), as opposed to the more usual method of updating catalogue content on a ‘per-item’ basis.


studio threefiftyseven supplied an inventory management tool that allows the client to always display current product inventory, which runs into thousands of components — and changes often. This application was integrated into the tool suite, along with a base configuration of our content management application used for managing the public-facing areas of the site. View the site.

Eco Active

Logo designed for Eco Activestudio threefiftyseven was recently approached by a small startup business called Eco Active to help them develop a suitable corporate identity.

As their name might suggest, their objectives include helping to educate clients not just on how they can reduce the carbon footprint of their home or workplace, but what products are available in the market to achieve this objective.


The ultimate goal is to develop a website that not only contains relevant information on sustainable buildings and dwellings, but also sells many of the products Eco Active recommend to their clientele.

Mr. Geh’s Asian postcards

Interactive image gallery for Mr. GehFresh back in the country from a month long photographic assignment in South East Asia, our friend and associate Rob (Mr.Geh) was anxious to get some of the personal images he took overseas uploaded for the world to see.


With the help of Felix Turner’s outstanding Flash expertise, studio threefiftyseven lent a hand by building a dynamic Flash based 3D gallery.


The gallery boasts over a hundred images, only a small selection from Rob’s actual collection — and is easily navigable from your keyboard (in case you get a little confused by flying photographs). View the site.


Hayes Valley

Website for Hayes ValleyWorking with Popgun Design in San Francisco once again, studio threefiftyseven developed a content managed business directory for a retail trade precinct in Hayes Valley (an area in San Francisco).


Our system makes it incredibly easy for the client to add and remove retail stores from the directory listings, enables the upload of store or product images, embeds video — and integrates Google maps directly into the site pages. Adding sophisticated AJAX content can now be carried out literally at the click of a button.


This system enabled the Hayes Valley business group to have a fully functioning site online literally within a few weeks, including sourcing much of the content. View the site.

Tom's Dental

Website for Tom's Dentalstudio threefiftyseven worked with Malcolm Koch Design to build a simple, low cost web presence for a local dental practice in suburban Adelaide.


We chose to integrate an open source content management application (in place of our own proprietary solution) so the modest budget could be better spent on design rather than development.


This also allowed the site to be completed within a very short timeframe. As with our own system, clients can log into the administrative console remotely and make changes to content whenever the need arises. View the site.



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