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As per usual, Petra and Jason have both been busy working on a few new projects — even picking up a new client or two. The masthead image (above) for this edition is a sample of a 3D rendered image that was prepared for display at Petra's recent exhibition at Art Images Gallery in Norwood.

Petra was recently invited to exhibit her work in an exhibition of handmade furniture, glassworks and visual pieces curated by Art Images Gallery on The Parade. The exhibition, entitled 'Arthaus' was opened on April 7th and ran through until the 30th. The show also included furniture from Gray Hawk and Craig English, visual art by Graham Fransella and Robert Jacks, along with glass works by Hilary Crawford.

Petra's hollow form shelving and drawer units

Depicted above is a sample 3D rendering of Petra's versatile hollow form shelving components (left) and wall mounted hollow form combination shelf and drawer unit entitled 'Heidi' (right).
We were too busy schmoozing on the night to take 'real' photographs ... apologies.

designerID ad that appeared in Graphic Design USA in March 2006Some months ago we were approached by Brian Hock, former President of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and founder of Brian Hock Design in Cincinnati, Ohio. He's been involved with a recent online initiative called designerID. Essentially it's a web-based tool to help designers make meaningful connections with associates all over the world.
The site was nearing completion and Brian was looking for a beta group of users to test the system. After searching various online portals and forums he found the studio threefiftyseven website and invited us to participate (along with 40 or so other designers from various parts of the globe).

So Jason created a profile, uploaded some work and didn't really think too much of it until a couple of months later when he was invited to be involved in the advertising campaign.
"Brian asked if I was interested in appearing in a full page advertisement to be published in 'Graphic Design USA Magazine', promoting the designerID site. Obviously a great opportunity, we quickly arranged for Robert Geh take a studio photograph in keeping with their proposed layout — and sent it off. This ad ran in the March 2006 issue.

Colvin Burgess first became known to studio threefiftyseven a number of years ago as one of the partners of Airnet, a wireless Internet service provider we've worked with in the past. Colvin recently purchased the 'wireless' component of the business from now defunct AirNet, forming a new entity; SoReal Wireless Internet.

SoReal Wireless Internet logoWe're currently working on developing a suite of marketing communications materials that position the firm as a more customer-centric organisation. AirNet were perhaps slightly ahead of their time, entering the wireless market six years ago when consumers didn't really understand much about it. Many were frightened and confused by this technology, so we need to be mindful of how we portray these updated service offerings.

Long time associates Popgun Design in San Francisco approached us a month or so ago about becoming involved with a project they were working on for a new client of theirs. Macrovision, a market leader in content and software value management (read that as anti-piracy software), are one of the sponsors for the Cannes Film Festival this year. They required a slick new presentation that outlined their advancements in managing content delivery across the ever-increasing number of delivery channels — mobile, broadband, DVD and consumer devices ... just to name a few.

Macrovision presentationWe assembled a three man team to animate a lengthy, interactive presentation in Flash. Jason Yingling from Popgun and Jason from studio threefiftyseven handled the animation, while Hudson Graham in Sydney coded the complex actionscripting required for the interactive menu. Daily video conferences and file transfers soon became necessary, and although completing the project before Cannes was quite a challenge, everything came together beautifully in the end.
(Now we can tell everybody one of our animations screened at Cannes! :)

Montimedia has been a partner of ours for a number of years, but until recently only handled our web hosting requirements. The firm has now made a substantial move into the world of telephony and internet service provision, offering broadband internet and VoIP services to country Victoria.

Montimedia press advertisementThis new phase of their business has called for a revision of their corporate identity and a suite of new marketing communications materials.

Seen here is a press advertisement (sporting the brand new identity) which forms part of a campaign featuring entertaining photographic portraits by Sydney based Michael Hall.

Nelson Wheeler Nexia
Nelson Wheeler Nexia websiteAdelaide based accounting firm Nelson Wheeler Nexia recently commissioned studio threefiftyseven to design and build them a (long overdue) web presence.

This clean, corporate site features our in-house content management system.
Aside from easy content updates, if NWN decide to allow clients access to secure financial data via their website, the framework is already in place.
Adding additional modules to increase functionality is a breeze. For the moment though, all content is fully editable by the client with no technical knowledge necessary.

Stellar Homes
Stellar Homes websiteA few months old now, this project just missed out on making our last newsletter. This new web presence for Stellar Homes is a simple, portfolio site that allows the newly formed building company to showcase their growing number of custom built homes. The photo gallery page features a slick, scalable Flash built gallery that's capable of accommodating literally thousands of images in any number of gallery categories.

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