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We’ve been increasingly busy over the past few months and haven’t had as much time to pay attention to our promotional material as we’d like. So although it’s a little overdue, this newsletter is jam packed with new and exciting projects (for us at least). Why is there a big thug pictured above? Read on!

Karidis Corporation
karidisWe recently launched a new public website for The Karidis Corporation, a large property development firm based in South Australia (although they’re currently in the throes of developing a significant presence in the eastern states too).

The site marks the completion of the first stage of a more complex project involving further development of departmental management modules. This will ultimately enable most of the administrative functions to take place online (via an intranet). This work is still in development.


National Alcohol Awareness Day (UK)
naad game interfacestudio threefiftyseven has been developing a web presence for the National Alcohol Awareness Day in the UK over the past few months. More than just a website however, this project involved the development of an online Flash based quiz game designed to help educate medical students in alcohol related illness and social problems.

By participating in the quiz, players were able to compete for four £10,000 overseas study grants. Online for one week only commencing 01 November, students could play as many times as they liked in striving to reach the highest possible score. More than 2500 students took up the challenge, with 45 of them answering all 100 questions correctly — mind you it took some over 20 tries to get there!

brettThis was definitely a fun project to work on, although the source of many a frustration. It gave Jason an excuse to create a rather entertaining series of illustrations (not unintentionally possessing a very ‘Grand Theft Auto San Andreas’ flavour. Not all images portrayed patients in good health as you can see at left. Some lapsed into advanced alcohol induced stupours if students didn’t recommend correct treatment!

We can’t take all the credit though, as there was plenty of expert assistance from Hudson Graham and Christian Budden in the database integration and action scripting department.


Tres Agaves
This graphically rich website for a brand new restaurant located in San Francisco — Tres Agaves Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Lounge, was actually designed by our San Francisco based associates Popgun Design.
When it came time for the site build however, they enlisted our services. We had no idea there was so much to know about tequila — like it’s made from blue agave plants for starters ... at least in Mexico (well, the good stuff it seems).


Taylor Collison online
taylor collisonWe’ve also finally completed a much anticipated website redesign for Taylor Collison Sharebrokers and Investment Advisers.

The site reinforces the newly developed identity in a slick, corporate interface and utilises financial data feeds from the Australian Stock Exchange — including market indices, all ords and stock price ticker on a 20 min. delay.




Petra’s project imagery
Although these projects were actually completed a while back, we’ve only just got around to having them photographed — so we’re premiering these projects here (thanks as always go out to the talented Lensmeister, Mr. Geh.)

Petra's cabinetry

First up in the new Stoeckel residence children’s bathroom is a walnut vanity with laminate feature doors and stainless handles. The second image shows a hand crafted blackwood dining table and built-in cabinetry, incorporating halogen lighting in the Dolman family dining area.


Light Tech Innovation
lighttechLong time client Light Tech Innovation recently asked us to develop a new corporate identity for their lighting design business.
After a number of conceptual submisssions, this is the mark that ultimately made the grade.


Austral Bricks product development
Long time studio threefiftyseven client Austral Bricks commits to the launch of a new product line (clay-based building products) every year. In an effort to identify emerging trends and technologies, they're liaising regularly with external consultants in areas outside the scope of their own operations. Recently Petra has been looking into the development of new design directions, experimenting primarily with texture and shape.

They have been pleased with her initial concepts and now need to assess the production requirements to identify any constraints and limitations. We'll keep you posted on any new developments.


Motiv boardroom cabinetry
After much deliberation a design has finally been agreed upon for the boardroom cabinetry at Motiv Design. Petra is currently in the workshop sawing and routing and .... other stuff that involves loud machines with sharp blades.

Finished in European beech, aluminium and frosted glass, the design spans an entire length of one wall of the boardroom — housing a sink, refrigerator and even a dishwasher. Hopefully we’ll have photographs of it soon!


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