specialising in user-centred design on paper, screen and within interior spaces.

Brand development and identity projects:


Campaign Brain identity

Campaign Brain

Tired of referring to our email marketing management software as our email marketing management software, we decided it needed a catchy name. Campaign Brain is able to orchestrate all your email campaign requirements including composing, editing, adding subscriber lists and tracking results. Read all about it here.


Homebuilt Hi-fi identity

Homebuilt Hi-fi

A joint venture between studio threefiftyseven Principal, Jason Porter and a U.S. based partner, Homebuilt Hi-fi is an online resource for those with a keen interest in high end audio playback systems. The site is primarily a user submitted image gallery of the best hi fi components the DIY audiophile community has to offer — from painstakingly laborious hand-braided signal cable to sublimely crafted single ended triode amplification. Visit Homebuilt Hi-fi.


Carbon People identity

Carbon People

Carbon People, a online network of architectural designers and drafts people specialising in energy efficient, passive solar and sustainable building techniques, was launched in July of last year. studio threefiftyseven was responsible for the design and development of all aspects of the project, from the initial identity design to the completed web presence.


Eco Active identity

Eco Active

As their name might suggest, the objectives of recent start-up company ‘Eco Active’ include helping to educate clients not just on how they can reduce the carbon footprint of their home or workplace, but what products are available on the market to achieve this goal.  
The long term plan is to develop a web site that not only contains relevant information on sustainable buildings and dwellings, but also sells many of the products Eco Active recommend to their clientele.


Albion Hotel identity

Albion Hotel

Located in country Victoria, The Albion Hotel is the result of recent modernisation and refurbishment of what was once the old ‘Club Hotel’ in Kyneton. Although now a contemporary restaurant and bar, the new identity carefully retains elements of the traditional, bearing a likeness to an old cameo — in keeping with the history and atmosphere of the original building.



Kustom Cycle identity

Kustom Cycle Parts

Our brief for this online startup venture was to help our client develop a brand that clearly catered to the ‘old school’ custom motorcycle brethren, without alienating the new breed of more style-conscious bike enthusiasts. Kustom Cycle Parts sell all the cool bits and pieces you’ll need to convert that dusty old wreck into a sleek, ‘retro-stylie bobber’.


SoReal identity

SoReal Wireless Internet

This client first became known to studio threefiftyseven a number of years ago as one of the partners of ‘AirNet’, a wireless Internet service provider we’ve worked with in the past. (We designed the identity for AirNet too, which is identity #14 on this page).


After purchasing the 'wireless' component of the business from now defunct AirNet, a new entity was formed; SoReal Wireless Internet. We’ve tried to position SoReal as a more customer-centric organisation as AirNet were perhaps slightly ahead of their time, entering the wireless market around seven years ago when consumers didn't really understand much about it — and many were frightened and confused by the technology.



Taylor Collison identity

Taylor Collison

Prominent Adelaide based Share Brokers and Investment Advisers ‘Taylor Collison’ originated from several significant families and merchant houses many decades ago. After several iterations, in 1988 the ‘Taylor Collison Limited’ name was adopted and up until we became involved, the company was still using the original corporate identity that was probably designed by an employee.


Our logo references the illuminated board that displays the share prices at the stock exchange, where each of the numbers and figures is formed from a combination of illuminated diamonds in a 5 x 7 grid.


Fit Girl Industries identity

Fit Girl Industries

We couldn’t help but inject some retro 1970’s flavour into this identity for a local fitness instructor who specialises in high intensity martial arts style workout training. She did after all tell us she wanted something ‘funky’.


Light Tech Innovation identity

Light Tech Innovation

This client was known to us for many years through our work locally with the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) before she asked us to develop the corporate logo for her own lighting design practice. Given the nature of her work we opted for something simple, clean and contemporary.


m.Net Corporation identity

m.Net Corporation

studio threefiftyseven was approached to design the new corporate identity of an ambitious wireless Internet venture that was formed from an amalgamation of twenty or so leaders in the telecommunications and IT sectors. The goal was to push the envelope in the then emerging 3G wireless network arena in an effort to develop a forum for developers and content providers to undertake real world research and development.


Montimedia identity


What originally started out as a small IT consultancy has quickly become a reputable and well respected ISP focused on providing coverage to customers in rural Victoria and New South Wales. Our services have extended to the design and implementation of printed marketing collateral, point of sale pieces and various web based projects.


Tri-Spark identity

Tri Spark

Our client’s love of classic British motorcycles was the inspiration behind the very retro flavour that permeates the work we’ve created for Tri-Spark. Although the product itself is a very modern device, it’s designed to remain almost undetected once installed — although from what we hear the bikes actually start and idle properly once treated to Tri-Spark upgrade!


IntelliGen International identity

IntelliGen International

Designers and manufacturers of cleaner, greener, quieter and more cost-effective power generation systems targeted at those unable to access the main power grid, IntelliGen offers an innovative product. Their corporate identity needed to be clean and user-friendly enough to enable the company to expand into local and international markets.


Camtech Corporation identity

Camtech Corporation

What originally began life in 1983 as a joint venture with the University of Adelaide, Camtech operated a retail store on the University campus. By 1993 they had grown to become an ISP, providing reliable and economical Internet access to students and faculty. It was around this time the company also started development on one of the first Australian based Internet payment gateways. This quickly took hold in the market and by 2001 the business was promptly acquired by major player ‘Keycorp’. The brand still lives on today — in 2006 it was sold to SecurePay, who are still using the identity we developed for it close to ten years ago!


AirNet Commercial Australia identity

AirNet Commercial Australia Pty Ltd

One of the true pioneers on the wireless Internet front in South Australia, AirNet was almost ahead of it’s time. Originally offering a high speed line-of-sight microwave service (from which the logo draws it’s inspiration), the concept was almost too radical for the market to comprehend. Although they remained competitive in the marketplace for quite some time, the company is no longer.