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‘Content Chameleon’ is a full featured content management application that can scale up or down in functionality — to suit your requirements!

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A powerful administrative tool for those who want to update and manage their own web presence.


This intuitive administrative tool enables anyone within your organisation to log in to your website via a regular web browser and edit or update web site content with ease.


The software has been designed for use by those with no previous knowledge of web site construction techniques and will facilitate management of the following administrative tasks;


  • Add, edit or delete copy or text based content
  • Add or remove photographs or illustrations
  • Upload and manage file attachments like .pdf, .doc, .ppt etc.
  • Add or subtract pages and/or sections
  • Create or remove menu items via the menu manager


Advanced features:

If your requirements go beyond basic editing and file management tasks, we can build and integrate custom modules that address your specific needs.

Custom modules we have deployed for clients in the past include;


  • Product and/inventory management and control
  • Automated image gallery builder
  • Real time calculation and graphical display of financial data
  • Secure data and/or page management
  • Need something else? We can build it.

What makes Content Chameleon different to any other CMS?

The main thing that frustrated us (and prompted the build of our own application) is that many other programs try to be everything to everybody.


Subsequently, there can many features and functions that aren't being utilised cluttering up the interface. This only serves to confuse those without much knowledge of html and chew up system resources.


Content Chameleon aims to be as unobtrusive as possible. In fact it will appear to actually be part of your site, as opposed to a separate program you have to launch to access your web content. It utilises the very same interface your site uses — and you'll only see the features and functions that are relevant to you.


This requires more work on our behalf, as it has to be integrated into each site build — but it ensures you have a content management solution that's right for you and your organisation. No more, no less.